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We pride ourselves in doing right by our customers. We go the extra distance to give you the best product and the best price possible by allowing you to buy a quality e-bike that will last for many years.  WE bring you the best quality products available on the market today. We Support our products. We also Warranty every product we sell, and carry a full parts line in stock and work hard to earn a lasting reputation in the industry.

Golectric is a Destination full service E-bike Store -  You can come in and visit our facilities any time, learn more about our growing company and see our full line of Products. Our Staff knows our products well and work to improve them constantly. All of our products are quality inspected.


We're here to stay and support our customers now and in the future.

 Welcome to GOLECTRIC, the new way to buy quality E-Bikes

with service, support and the best prices.